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Eastwood, J. (1994), Oxford guide to English grammar, Oxfordshire: Oxford University Presss.

Griffee, D.  (2012), An introduction to second  language research methods, California, USA: TESL.

Jordan, R (1997), English for academic purposes: a guidebook for teachers, England: Cambridge Press.

Spolsky, B., & Hult, F. (2010), The handbook of educational linguistics England: John Wiley & Sons.

This is a 706 page handbook that is not available as a direct web link. You need to type key words into

Google Scholar and this book will come up as open-access.

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                                                                English language exams

Those who plan to complete a language exam should be careful about which tutors, books and practice tests that they consult.  Most practice resources available for purchase are not official practice materials.  Most tutors and book authors do not disclose their qualifications and experience. For many language students, it is not possible to know if the tutor, books and exam practice materials are suitable to prepare for a specific English language exam such as IELTS.


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