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Academic writing task 1 requires you to perform simple mathematical calculations and use language to discuss quantities.

There are two straightforward skills that you must use to earn a high band score for writing task 1.

Skill 1:   state the quantity

When analyzing quantitative diagrams such as line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs and data tables, you should center your written discussion on the dominant issues reflected in the diagram.

To earn higher credit, you must be specific and quantify your analysis of the major patterns.

The first bar graph  shows that the most dominant factor that determines a person's decision to study is seen among the under 26 demographic. Around 80% of students in this age bracket choose to study for reasons that relate to their career.

Skill 2:   Calculate a quantity

You must calculate a quantity to earn high credit for writing task 1.

Total C++ programmers: 2000

Canada: 16,667

United States: 33,333

China: 100,000

Malaysia: 50,000

Total: 200,000


50% + 25% = 75%

In 2000, 75% of C++ computer programmers lived in Asia.


33,333 - 16,667 =  16,666

In 2000,  the United States had 16,666 more C++ programmers than Canada.


50,000 x 2 =  100,000

In 2000, China had twice as many computer programmers as Malaysia.


16,667 / 33,333   =  0.5

In 2000, Canada had half as many C++ programmers as the United States of America.


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