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Are you applying for scholarships without success? Do you understand how competitive scholarship applications are and how much work you need to put into one application?

Why your scholarship applications are not succeeding: a detailed discussion


Example of a curriculum vitae uploaded online

Example of a good scholarship application letter and package

Are you looking for a full scholarship at PhD level from a good university?  One way you can achieve this is by submitting a detailed research proposal that will impress your sponsors.

Example of a strong PhD research proposal suitable for a scholarship application

Foreign Aid (Official Development Assistance) Bi-lateral aid scholarships

International aid agencies offer the most generous scholarships for students from developing countries.  Most countries that have a foreign aid budget donate billions of dollars in foreign aid each year.  Bi-lateral aid paid from one country to another country is one of the most generous sources of 'full ride' scholarships.

Most foreign aid scholarships are funded from these nations' budgets   .   PowerPoint presentation

You need to be a citizen of a country that receives foreign aid. An example is American aid paid to Pakistan.

USAID Merit scholarships paid to Pakistani citizens

Examples of national aid programs include:

To find out what scholarships are funded by these countries, you can write to the embassy/consulate in your country or you may write to the Aid agency direct.

Other national national government programs exist that fund scholarships. For example:

Chinese Government scholarships     Kazakhstan Government Bolashak Scholarship Program

Most colleges advertise their scholarships on their website and in no other space.

Examples of self-advertised scholarships include: 

Yale University        Cape Town University        University of the South Pacific

Some websites act as a central database and advertise scholarships on behalf of the sponsor.

Never give your personal details to any website that only advertises other people's scholarships

You should only trust scholarship databases owned by governments and recognized colleges.


Canadian Government       Australian Government     

Searching for scholarships is a slow process. You must do the work yourself.  There are no easy search methods and there are no easy scholarships. Use key search words on Google.com


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