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Welcome to our Community of Scholars

Application for registration is available to persons  aged 18 or over. Those aged under 18 years of age require written consent from a parent or legal guardian. Registration provides you with access to a dedicated tutor and credentials such as a student identification number and a network login and password.

All persons may access any online resources on this website. They may also  seek to engage with any member, tutor or visitor on this School's Discussion Forum as a means to receive peer tutoring support. Registration on the Discussion Forum is free and is open to all persons.

Admission is competitive and is based on (a) the availability of a tutor and (b) the financial status of the applicant.

Applicants must provide government issued identification and government-issued documentation that confirms their financial status. A letter from a senior teacher or senior administrator at a recognized educational institution may be acceptable as confirmation of financial status in some instances. Other forms of documentation may be acceptable such as a notarized declaration signed by a recognized religious minister who attests to the applicant's financial status.

Those who do not meet financial status guidelines for admission may request to be placed on a waiting list. The management of this list is prioritized by financial status.  This waiting list is also matched to the financial statuses of  the current round of applicants.

For further details, please contact the Admissions Officer Sean Ryan: