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There are four types of start up businesses:

1.   Services 

      Example: An elite online classical guitar tutor.

2.   Manufacturing 

       Example: A vegan pet food manufacturer.

3.   Retail 

      Example: Buying and selling cell phones on e-Bay.

4.   Mixed business

      Example: A vegan pet food maker who sells other pet accessories in their store.

It may be useful to think of your business as a car.

This analogy may aid you to understand your business better.

For example, you may ask yourself:

What is our purpose?

Who are our main clients?

What do our clients want from our business?

The Free School identifies as a mini car. Working with this analogy we have constructed the following questions and answers. The information in this table aids us to understand how the School can maximize the quality of the support that we offer our customers and develop the business to realize its maximum potential.

Building on this analogy of the car, you can devise your five P's marketing strategy:

  • Price
  • ​Place
  • People
  • Product
  • Promotion

Which car are you?

Ferrari - Exciting, expensive, niche.

Hyundai sedan - Reliable, mainstream, value-for-money.

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) - Functional, versatile, family oriented.

Something else?

 The      ree  School