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This package offers guidance to aid you to write a motivation letter to apply for college, employment, an internship or a scholarship. You can access this package at this link if you do not have access to pdf files:

College and scholarship applicants may find this document useful. This document offers a checklist that summarizes most application criteria contained in most college and scholarship application guidelines. 

Many college and scholarship applicants are required to write a motivation letter to support their application. A motivation letter may be known by other terms such as:

  • Statement of purpose
  • ​Application covering letter

For many applicants, the quality of their motivation letter is a decisive factor that determines the success of their application.

The Free School has published a pdf presentation that aims to support those who nee to write a motivation letter to support their scholarship and/or college applications. 

​It is not possible for the School to construct an example of a high quality motivation letter that has a high chance of success. The content and format imposed by scholarship and college administrators on those who need to write a motivation letter varies widely. Examples of these criteria include:

  • Maximum and minimum word limits
  • ​A discussion of the applicant's opinion on a stated topic
  • A discussion of the applicant's academic and employment history.

The length of an 'average' motivation letter is circa 500 words. This information merely serves as a guideline in cases where there is no minimum or maximum word limit stated in the application guidelines. The best advice that the School can offer is to always read the application criteria carefully and be sure to meet all stated criteria when drafting your motivation letter. 

Brief motivation letters

Most motivation letters are between 300 words and 1,000 words

The Free School's example is useful for those who need to write a brief motivation letter of circa 200 words that fits to one page, including headers.

700 page motivation letter example starts on page 21

Average length motivation letters

Some institutes require applicants to write a detailed motivation letter. This template example posted online by International Hellenic University totals 492 words.