This web page discusses issues about the IELTS exam that are not publicized by the IELTS consortium or are discussed briefly in a small number of outlets.

To avoid ambiguity, all suggestions are supported with a web link that has authority.​

Tip 1: Answer all questions

There are no negative marks for incorrect answers. It is advisable to offer a best guess answer rather than leave the space blank for any section. 

Be sure to select at least one option (A or B or C) for a multiple choice question.

If a question asks you something like "select five options from this list of 10 options" be sure to select five options, even if you only heard three options. Select the three options that you know, and make a best guess for the remaining two options.

Tip 2

Think about the context before you listen to the recording. Use this time to identify the type of information that you need to listen for.

Read the questions before you hear the text and use the time between each section to prepare for the following section.  You have a small amount of time to perform these tasks. (See page 13). 


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