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LAOS   ເມືອງລາວ

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Laos is a peaceful, friendly nation and its warm hospitality is world-famous.

Population: approximately 7 million people.

GDP per capita (Laos): USD$ 1, 818

​GDP per capita (Australia): USD $56, 291

How can we support the people of Laos?

1.    Visit Laos and the Thai Isan region and see many wonderful temples and attractions.

2.    Sponsor a child or student from Laos.

3.   Write to your Member of Parliament or your Foreign Minister and ask them to increase foreign        aid to Laos.


       Example:   ​Letter template document

4.   Buy products made in Laos. You can use to search for products.

​       Example: ​

5.    Work in Laos as a volunteer language teacher or medical officer.

6.    Donate money to a charity that supports Laos.

        It is best to pay money direct to a family. Never pay the funds to Government officials.

7.    Make friends with a citizen of Laos and speak with them on Skype. 

8.     Spread the word about Laos. Choose Laos as a topic of discussion in your essays, assessments 

         and presentations inside the classroom.




9.    Share this webpage with others.


​The Free School offers priority assistance for citizens of Laos who wish to apply for a scholarship or for admission into a post-secondary educational program.