​​​​An open letter to the Canadian Parliament : Human rights in developing countries

Media investigation "extortion" quote       18 bogus English language tests: Slavery

Project 1:    ​IELTS racketeering and extortion - transnational felony crimes

The United Nations recognizes that migrants and foreign workers are vulnerable persons.  You may be the victim of extortion if an English language tester refuses to supply a Test Report that you have paid for, and offers to sell you a new service to obtain a Test Report. This may apply even if you have signed a contract agreeing to the terms. A language testing company such as IELTS cannot rely on a commercial agreement to justify engaging in extortion for financial gain.       Example

Open letter Justice Minister of British Columbia        IELTS India lose a court case

Project 2:    Rogue English language examiner scams and fake charity shams 

Those who sit for an English language test such as IELTS are susceptible to rogue language examiners. Example. Rogue examiners may set students up to fail as a way to maximize: repeat business, paid overtime and job security at the branch office level (please see pages 20, 21 & 80).

Page 80: rogue examiner revenue maximization scam          Page 20, 21 fake charity scam

Project 3:   Time series correlation analysis : mapping IELTS's historical 

                       distribution of band scores against current and historical band scores 

                       required for skilled migration - Canada, Australia, New Zealand the UK.

Project 4:   IELTS sets test takers up to fail to maximize profits: exam design flaws.

​​​​​​​Central document repository          IELTS research YouTube series

Exposure draft 1: IELTS assessment lack of transparency

Exposure draft 2: IELTS hidden curriculum and complexity writing task 2

Exposure draft 3: IELTS  unfair expensive criminal revenue generating appeals process 

Exposure draft 4: IELTS speaking hidden curriculum non-universal content and no choice

Exposure draft 5: IELTS academic reading pedagogical design flaws

​Exposure draft 6: IELTS's comprehensive mandatory client data collection regime

Exposure draft 6 extract: IELTS comparative mandatory data table

Exposure draft 7: A critique of IELTS's flawed listening test

Exposure draft 8: A critique of IELTS's flawed subjective assessment rubrics

Exposure draft 9:      IELTS's policy of insisting that candidates use pencil to answer 80 multiple

                                      choice questions: Grave security concerns for a high-stakes test.

Exposure draft 10:    Stealth data collection project: An investigation into IELTS's policy of

                                      supplying only one Test Report Form (TRF) to their fee-paying clients.

Exposure draft 11:     Estimating the profits that IELTS earns from its academic appeals process.

​                                      Pages 30 and 31

​​​​​​​​IELTS Modern Day Slavery Scam

IELTS is a scam because the way that they describe their 9 band score system is fake.

IELTS view the Canadian and Australian Governments as their main customers. 

IELTS aim to fail immigration applicants as many times as possible to maximize profits.

IELTS force you to tell them on your application form if you wish to migrate to Canada or Australia.

IELTS know that most skilled migrants require four scores of 7.0 or higher earned on the same test.

IELTS managers reduce scores so that only a small percentage achieve four 7.0 scores on the same test.

IELTS award fake 6.5 scores to many immigrants so that they need to take more IELTS tests.

IELTS and IDP Education Australia use examiner fraud to maximize their profits.

IELTS are most ruthless when they test foreigners seeking a skilled work visa for Canada.

IELTS has a virtual monopoly for testing permanent residency visa applications outside Canada.

IELTS know that immigrants are a vulnerable demographic who they can keep cheating.

IELTS scam and defraud skilled immigrants who intend to migrate to Canada the most.

Canada relies on IELTS's monopoly and IDP Education fraud to manage skilled migration

IELTS is a criminal cancer that profits from the misery that it creates. IELTS is an unconscionable, corrupt, rent-seeking, soulless entity that perverts the education system and adds no value whatsoever.

Canada could allow other English language testing agencies such as TOEIC, TOEFL and Pearson to offer competition for immigrant workers seeking to migrate to Canada. For reasons unknown, Canada allows a parasite organization, IELTS, to have a virtual monopoly for supporting Canada's immigration policy.

Canada has an excellent track-record in human rights and is a world leader in promoting global justice.

Why has Canada failed to protect vulnerable young persons who are citizens of developing nations?

Does Canada aim to maximize the profits of CELPIP - Canada's domestic version of IELTS?

There is evidence that CELPIP aims to copy IELTS massive data collection and client profiling regime.

Canada's Immigration Minister supports IELTS's near monopoly status for managing skilled migration.

The Canadian Government and IELTS are like-minded business partners who pursue a shared agenda.

Please report all human rights crimes committed by IDP Education Australia and IELTS Canada staff to 

Canada's Governor General ​and/or to the United Nations International Migration Division.

​Dr J Jericho

​November, 2017

Volunteer Project Leader : IELTS Global Justice Project

             IELTS STAFF



IELTS is a global fraud scam that will fail you (writing = band 6.5) as many times as possible to maximize their profits.

Australia's 38 corrupt public universities own the IELTS exam.

Around 99% of people who need to take an English language test have choice. For example, people who wish to earn a  residency of work visa for Australia may choose Pearson, TOEFL or OET.

It is very common for someone to fail their IELTS exam by 0.5 (writing) 12 times and switch to Pearson or TOEFL and pass their exam on the first attempt. Pearson and TOEFL are not easy tests. They are fair and they are not criminals.


Please keep all records that relate to your dealings with IELTS, IDP Education, the British Council and Australia's public universities. 

Please keep original copies of all promotional marketing materials, study guides and other documents that relate to IELTS and IDP Education. Forward your university account emails to your yahoo/gmail account while you still have access.

IDP Education outsource IELTS marking to India so that police in Western countries cannot investigate their fake band 6.5 fail frauds and extortion. IDP Education is a scam corporation that is owned by Australia's public universitiesIDP Education scam billions of dollars from vulnerable international students, foreign workers and migrants from developing nations. Australia's public universities are criminal institutions that are addicted to scamming billions of dollars from vulnerable persons.

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