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An open letter to the Canadian Parliament : Human rights in developing countries

Media investigation "extortion" quote       18 bogus English language tests: Slavery

Project 1:    ​Blackmail and extortion - transnational felony crimes

The United Nations recognizes that migrants and foreign workers are vulnerable persons.  You may be the victim of extortion if an English language tester refuses to supply a Test Report that you have paid for, and offers to sell you a new service to obtain a Test Report. This may apply even if you have signed a contract agreeing to the terms. A language testing company cannot rely on a commercial agreement to justify engaging in blackmail or extortion for financial gain.       Example

Open letter Justice Minister of British Columbia        IELTS India lose a court case

Project 2:    Rogue English language examiner scams and fake charity shams 

English language test providers may be susceptible to rogue language examiners. Example. For example, a rogue examiner may set students up to fail as a way to maximize: repeat business, paid overtime and job security at the branch office level (please see pages 20, 21 & 80).

Page 80: rogue examiner revenue maximization scam          Page 20, 21 fake charity scam

Project 3:   Time series correlation analysis : mapping IELTS's historical 

                       distribution of band scores against current and historical band scores 

                       required for skilled migration - Canada, Australia, New Zealand the UK.

Project 4:   IELTS design flaws and demographic data surveillance regime.

​​​​​​​Central document repository          IELTS research YouTube series

Exposure draft 1: IELTS assessment lack of transparency

Exposure draft 2: IELTS hidden curriculum and complexity writing task 2

Exposure draft 3: IELTS  unfair expensive revenue generating appeals process 

Exposure draft 4: IELTS speaking hidden curriculum non-universal content and no choice

Exposure draft 5: IELTS academic reading pedagogical design flaws

​Exposure draft 6: IELTS's comprehensive mandatory client data collection regime

Exposure draft 6 extract: IELTS comparative mandatory data table

Exposure draft 7: A critique of IELTS's flawed listening test

Exposure draft 8: A critique of IELTS's flawed subjective assessment rubrics

Exposure draft 9:      IELTS's policy of insisting that candidates use pencil to answer 80 multiple

                                      choice questions: Grave security concerns for a high-stakes test.

Exposure draft 10:    Stealth data collection project: An investigation into IELTS's policy of

                                      supplying only one Test Report Form (TRF) to their fee-paying clients.

Exposure draft 11:     Estimating the profits that IELTS earns from its academic appeals process.

​                                      Pages 30 and 31

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Billion Dollar Refund Project

"Competition - alternative [to IELTS]  high-stakes English language tests being perceived to be fairer and/or

more suited to people whose 

first language is not English."

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2015/2016 Annual Accounts: page 24

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