This page offers information that may aid persons from 'complex' demographics to choose the information that they supply on their IELTS registration form.



IELTS do not provide a definition of statistical categories listed in their application form.

Which category you choose is therefore open to fair interpretation.

Question 14 - First Language

Not all persons have a first language. For example, some people speak English and Hindi equally.

Many IELTS candidates adopt English as their first language prior to taking their IELTS exam.

​For such persons, code 030 English is possibly appropriate.

Question 15 - Occupation

Many people switch occupations. There is a saying in the English language - 'there is no such thing as a job for life anymore'.

​​For such persons, code 00 Other is possibly appropriate.

The "level" shown in the list of offerings does not list all options. For example, it is not clear which category a managerial apprentice might choose. Furthermore, some people work in multiple positions.  Many students are also employees.

​​For such persons, code 0 Other is possibly appropriate.​

​Question 16 - Why you are taking the test

Many people take an IELTS test for multiple reasons and there is no primary purpose.

​​​For such persons, code 0 Other is possibly appropriate.

Question 17 - which country are you applying to/intending to go to? 

Some IELTS applicants do not know which country or countries they will apply to until they receive their IELTS examination scores.

The "other, please specify" option does NOT state "other country, please specify".

It should be acceptable to provide an answer in the "other, please specify" option such as NOT YET KNOWN.

​For persons in this category, I suggest that you put Private Candidate in the "other, please specify" box.  Example.

19. Education level

The "degree or equivalent " option is ambiguous as 'equivalent' is not defined.

If you have completed professional registration studies, or a certificate or diploma course at a college, institute, post-secondary school or university you may consider choosing the "degree or equivalent " as the best-fit option.

If you have completed professional studies that require you to hold a Bachelor Degree, this program may be classifiable as postgraduate.

Question 20 - How many years have you been studying English? 

English is the global lingua franca for business.

If you had your first exposure to English in a teaching environment as a child, then option 

9 (or more) may be appropriate if you constantly engage in self-study.

​Please contact Dr Jay Jericho in confidence if IELTS ask you to justify and/or provide evidence to support your response to questions 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19 or 20, and I shall help you to choose the most suitable response.

I wish you well with your IELTS exam.

Please study hard and enjoy your fun IELTS journey!


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You do not need to advise IELTS that you intend to use their exam for immigration purposes.

You may send your Test Report Form (TRF) to an immigration authority yourself. 

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