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550 free GMAT official resources are available at this link:

GMAT Free document with links

GMAT Official on YouTube

As at January 2017, GMAC’s official YouTube account contains 75 videos.

As at January 2017, GMAC’s official GMAT YouTube account contains 297 videos.

General information about the GMAT: structure and content


“GMAT exam format and timing”



“The GMAT exam”

“Frequently asked questions”


“The GMAT handbook”

“The official guide to your best GMAT” [Diagram of exam structure]  

“What to expect when taking the GMAT” [video]

“About the GMAT exam” (links to 19 resources, which are also itemised below)


“The Importance of the GMAT Exam in Admissions.Students explain the importance of the GMAT exam in the video below. Advice about the structure of the GMAT exam” [video]

Advice about the scoring system

“GMAT exam scores”

“Understand your GMAT score report”

“Tips for improving your GMAT score”

“Show schools you have what it takes” [video]

“The GMAT is fair and reliable”

General advice about how to prepare for the GMAT from GMAC

“Prepare for the GMAT exam”

“The GMAT prep timeline” [building a study plan]  

“Get a new attitude: four steps to become a strong test-taker”

“Understand the GMAT test-Taking rules: Ensure a smooth test-taking experience by adhering to the rules laid out in the GMAT Handbook.” [videos]

“Study smart for your best GMAT” [GMAT blog]

“Tactics and guessing”


“GMAT strong: Four steps to becoming a better test taker”

“GMAT preparation tips & strategies: Preparing for the GMAT exam will help you get in shape for business school.”

“Out of the GMAT fray: 8 steps to a winning GMAT prep plan”

“Recommendations for GMAT preparation: Looking for a key to GMAT preparation success? Practice time management.” [video]

“Test taking mistakes you can avoid”

General advice about how to prepare for the GMAT from students

“Get GMAT Prep Advice from Students and Alumni” [5 videos and discussions]

“GMAT Test-Taking Strategies from Students. Learn multiple GMAT test-taking strategies and hear valuable advice from current students.” [video]

“Hear from students: Prep tips for success” [video]

“Hear from students: Test-day tips for success”

Technical advice by assessment type

(1.)    Analytical Writing Assessment section  (AWA)

“AWA topics: Most Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) - Analysis of an Argument topics used in the GMAT exam are available to you”

(2.)    Integrated reasoning section

“Integrated reasoning skills in the workplace”

“Schools value integrated reasoning” [videos]

“You’re going to need it in school, on the job, and on the GMAT exam: Integrated reasoning”

“Big data defines next generation jobs”

“Sharpen your IR skills and stand out from the crowd”

(3.)    Quantitative section

“Don’t fear the quantitative section”

“No need to fear the quant section” [video]

“GMAT study tips: Doing well on the GMAT exam, and especially the Quantitative section, means dedicating time to preparation.” [video]

(4.)    Verbal section 

Exam question examples

“The mini GMAT Quiz answer sheet” [verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning]

(1)    Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)


“Sample AWA question” [includes a high graded student essay answer]  

“Analysis of an argument questions for the GMAT® exam”

(2)    Integrated reasoning

“Integrated reasoning sample question types”

“Graphics interpretation”

“Two-part analysis”

“Table analysis”

“Multi-source reasoning”

“Sharpen your IR skills and stand out from the crowd”

(3)    Quantitative

“Sample problem solving question”

“Sample data sufficiency question”

(4)    Verbal

“Sample reading comprehension question”

“Sample critical reasoning question”

“Sample sentence correction question"

Sample exam answers

“The official GMAT prep software includes: … Answers/tips from test creators”|pcrid|169401205343|pkw|gmat%20sample%20questions%20answers|pmt|e&c3api=169401205343,gmat%20sample%20questions%20answers

GMAT blog

“Free official GMAT blog” [123 articles dated 8 January 2017]  

Example blog link: Quantitative topic/category

Taking the exam: practical accommodations

“Plan for your test day” (13 presentations)


“GMAT test accommodations: Myths and realities”  

“Planning for your test day”  

“Exam day advice for test takers” [video]   

Official commercial material available for free

GMAC has authored numerous printed materials and digital resources that are available for purchase. These materials aim to assist GMAT tutors and those who aim to take the GMAT test. The best known books in this collection are the Official GMAT Guide series. Copies of these books are freely available at certain public libraries and college libraries. For example, the University of Technology, Sydney maintains a collection of the Official GMAT Guide series. These are archived in the 650.07 Dewey Index range. In some cases, members of the public may view these books and photocopy small sections of these books at libraries that allow members of the public to enter the library.

Some official GMAT Guidebooks are available open-access on Google Scholar. You can access some or most of the printed pages of these books. For example, The Official Guide for GMAT 2015 Review  is available as an open-access book via Google Scholar.  

Other free resources

“Download Free GMATPrep® Software”​  

“Gmat newsletter” [sign up via e-mail option]

Free public testing services

Some college libraries and public libraries offer free exam test practices. Examples: