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The software  listed on this page are samples from our database. Please work with the librarian and your tutor to access other listings.   Contact the librarian.


There are free substitutes available for most popular commercial software, such as Microsoft Office. For example, Google Docs provides users with free access to software substitutes within Gmail such as PowerPoint (Google Slides), MS Word (Google Docs) and Excel (Google Sheets). You may also download your documents within Google Docs as a .pdf Acrobat style document.

You may also download substitutes for Acrobat writer at websites such as  this one.

Grammarly is a free online spelling and grammar software program.

Mozilla Firefox offer a free web browser that remains up-to-date with old operating systems such as Windows XP. Other free browsers do not offer these updates.

Microsoft Dreamspark suite offers a range of free software downloads for students.  These include coding programs which may be useful for Computer Science scholars and other competent programmers.