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The Free School plans to offer two new free certificate courses subject to sufficient demand. If these courses interest you, please email

1. Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL).

To enroll you must be able to demonstrate band IELTS 7.0 or equivalent for all English language skills.

The curriculum offering for this course is now available on the TESOL curriculum page.

2. Principles of Economics: first year university equivalent course.

Requires IELTS English language skills band 6.0 for reading and writing or equivalent (e.g. TOEFL).

The Free School offers the course Diploma of Social Sciences.

This course offers research method units as elective subjects. These units may interest those who plan to apply for admission into a research degree but have not completed any courses in research methodology.

Scholars may exit the course with a Certificate in Social Sciences or an Advanced Certificate in Social Sciences.

Discussion forum       Course brochure         Unit outline

Free qualitative research study guide text        Tutorial questions


The Free School offers a free IELTS preparation course.

This course starts in January 2017.

Course unit outline    Critical thinking skills for IELTS

  Week 1   .  Week 2  .  Week 3   .  Week 4   .  Week 5  . Week 6  .  Week 7   .

The Free School offers the course Diploma of English Language Studies.

Scholars may exit the course with a Certificate or an Advanced Certificate in  English Language Studies.

Enrollment date is flexible. You may join the course any day after 2 October 2016

Unit outline    Resources     EAP basic skills     EAP advanced skills     EAP brochure

  Academic referencing   .  400 free official Academic IELTS preparation resources

Week 1       Optional assessments     Assessment 1       Assessment 2

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