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This web page offers introductory financial advice and provides references to introductory financial planning resources that are designed for students and migrant workers. Please always consult with a qualified, licenses financial adviser before making personal and business financial decisions.

Personal financial management involves three basic considerations:

1. Planning and listing total costs that relate to your studies and living expenses.

Total costs include expenditures such as: tuition fees, rental (accommodation), utilities, food, international travel costs, health insurance, other medical costs, local travel costs, toiletries, household items, clothing, books and other study costs.

2. Planning and listing income sources that you may access as a student.

Sources of income may include money from:

3. Preparing a financial plan (budget) based on your costs and income.

This spreadsheet has been created for students. Others may use this spreadsheet and ignore student-related details such as tuition fees.

This spreadsheet will automatically calculate your budget every time that you add or change your planned costs and income.

This spreadsheet automatically calculates a weekly, monthly and yearly budget for you based on the costs and income details that you type into this spreadsheet.    

This spreadsheet will print out on one page of an A4 sheet of paper.

Budget plan for students in 9 currencies dollars pounds sterling roubles yuan yen rupees

This YouTube presentation also offers other advice such as:

  • Practical ways to save money.
  • Ways to increase your income.
  • Warnings about financial scams and how to avoid them.
  • ​Advice about how to adjust your budget if you are running short of money.