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The Free School  maintains its own discussion forum also known as a bulletin board.

The following discussion forum pages are dedicated to this School's members and visitors:

1. Welcome page (introduce yourself to others)

2. Undergraduate studies

3. Graduate research studies

4.  Graduate coursework studies

5. IELTS,  TOEFL, Pearson and Cambridge English language exams and TESOL studies.

6. International students and immigration

7. Job applications and job advertisements

8. College applications and scholarship applications

9. Miscellaneous discussion boards (you make place one free advertisement here)

10. Ask a Tutor a question (free service)

All of these discussion forums have sub-forum webpages. For example, 1. (Undergraduate studies discussion forum) and 4.  (Graduate coursework studies discussion forum) have a separate sub forum for 10 disciplines:

Humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences, medicine and health sciences, law, education, business studies, music and fine arts and information technology.

Please bookmark the address of our discussion forum bulletin board site:

You may also access our discussion forum bulletin board here:   DISCUSSION FORUM BULLETIN BOARD

The following benefits are only available to those who register (free) at this School's Bulletin Board:

  • You may private message other members.
  • You may see the contact details of other members who choose to make them public.
  • You may upload a photo and your contact details for others to see on a voluntary basis.

Senior scholars who are looking for some academic work experience may register as a volunteer (intern) or as a paid moderator (employee), subject to current or future vacancies.

Discussion Forum Bulletin Board