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College selection flow diagram

This page summarizes most criteria that college applicants consider when they decide which educational institutions they will apply to and which letter of offer they shall accept.

The bullet points below are discussed in further detail in this document.

Mandatory criteria

Academic certifications

  • Evidence of language proficiency (e.g.IELTS)
    Do you have the minimum academic grades for admission?
  • Academic grades may require a minimum test score for a public exam such as the ACT Test.
  • Academic criteria may require completion of a specified program, such as the requirement to hold a Bachelor Degree in a related field as a prerequisite for admission into a Master Degree.


Recommendation letters

  • Are you required to provide one or more letters of recommendation from educators, associates or employers?


  • Assumed knowledge (e.g. senior-level high school advanced mathematics)
  • Mandatory prerequisites (e.g. senior high school Chemistry to study Dentistry)


  • Health examinations (e.g. for medical courses)
  • Criminal history checks (e.g. for childcare courses)
  • Relevant professional work experience
  • Relevant professional registration (e.g. Registered Nurse to study a Master of Nursing)

Applicant's criteria


  • Reputation of the Discipline
  • Reputation of the Department
  • Reputation of the Faculty School
  • Academic reputation of the institution
  • Ethos, mandate and values of the institution

Teaching faculty

  • Qualifications
  • Research profile
  • Academic training
  • Industry experience
  • Track-record with supporting students


  • WIFI
  • Library
  • Student housing
  • On campus catering
  • On campus parking
  • Science laboratories
  • Computer laboratories
  • Sports facilities and gymnasium


  • Health Service
  • Careers Service
  • Counseling Service
  • Disability Support Services
  • Students' Representative Council
  • Religious Minister and place of worship
  • Academic support such as  a well-resourced Writing Center


  • Does the school offer the major and minor subjects that I aim to study?
  • Content - what theoretical aspects are taught within each coursework subject?
  • Quality of the curriculum
  • ​Does this program offer internships such as those that bear course credits?
  • Is this course accredited by relevant professional associations?
  • Is this course accredited for skilled-migration purposes?

Service delivery

  • Teaching quality
  • Customer service orientation - academic services
  • Customer service orientation - student services and support


  • Is the student demographic a match for the types of people that I wish to study alongside?

Sports clubs

  • Sports scholarships
  • Sports teams for athletes
  • Access to quality coaching
  • Band
  • Cheerleaders
  • Sports team cheer squad

Student societies

  • Examples: International Student Society, Debating Club

Location and nearby facilities

  • Access to public transport
  • ​Proximity to my residence and work

Alumni services

  • Access to library resources
  • Invitations to alumni events
  • Post graduation career guidance service


  • Will the college allow credit transfer for study that I have completed at another institution?