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ACT Adds Free OpenEd Resources to ACT Question of the Day

"Students who answer the free, online ACT Question of the Day will now be given access to complimentary resources designed to help them improve their academic skills in the covered topic area."

​ACT to Provide Supports for English Learners on the ACT Test

Official handbook archives: questions and answers

In 2015, the ACT Writing Test evolved into a format that requests students to devise their own analysis and consider multiple perspectives of complex issues. Their analysis needs to discuss issues that concern logical reasoning, their personal experiences and knowledge. The time limit imposed has been increased by 10 minutes to 40 minutes.

When undertaking the revised Writing Test, students are provided with a single prompt that provides context and three perspectives on the issue that they are invited to discuss. The student is then requested by the examiner to analyze these perspectives, develop their personal opinion and explain how their opinion relates to the perspectives that they discuss. ​Students may choose to argue a fresh viewpoint as their own, and not defend one of the three viewpoints put forward by the examiner.

When preparing for the ACT Writing Test essay, you should refer to the 2015/16 and 2016/17 handbooks.

Preparing for the ACT 2005/06 (59F)

Preparing for the ACT 2006/07

​Preparing for the ACT 2007/08


Preparing for the ACT 2008/09 (61C)

Preparing for the ACT 2009/10


Preparing for the ACT 2011/12 (64E)

Preparing for the ACT 2012/13


Preparing for the ACT 2013/14

Preparing for the ACT 2014/15 (67C)

Preparing for the ACT 2015/16 (72CPRE)

Preparing for the ACT 2016/17

Identifying official practice exam extracts

Brief extracts from official ACT exams, exam answers and exam practice resources are available on over 100 different websites that are not officially managed or endorsed by the ACT organization. The reading passage at the link below is an example of an official extract from three exam preparation handbooks: 

​Reading practice test 59F and 61C and 64E

Official ACT practice tests are generally recognizable by the codes on the footer, such as the text "ACT-64E-PRACTICE" that appears on the bottom of the first page of the resource at the link above.

Free library materials

You may be able to borrow ACT preparation resources from a college and/or a public library. You may also be able to read and xerox (photocopy) some of these resources at a college/public library. Check with your local colleges and public libraries. For example, Grosse Public Library in Michigan maintains some official ACT preparation books in this index range: Call number 378.166 ACT 2011. 

Free public services

There are some free public services on offer. For example, Mesa County (Colorado) libraries offers a free SAT test service. 

The ACT test for students

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